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Dry Herb Cartridges - ATMOS BULLET Summary

Dry Herb Bullet Cartridges for your vape pen!  

 Please contact us for bulk-wholesale pricing.  

Fits most standard batteries!  
Atmos RX - RAW - Optimus
Trippy Stick, Stix, # Stick, iVapor
Gpen and more.... 

These are new herbal vapor carts for your oil units!
Trippy Sticks, Atmos 510 and other brands!!  

If you are not sure about these fitting your battery ask us!!

  Atmos Support 877.420.1313 x13

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5 product stars
Awsome! - Ken - 10/23/2012
I picked up two packages ( 4 ) bullets. They work great.

5 product stars
best product - bandit.imports - 4/18/2013
great product works well easy to control currently usinf it on the volcan lavatube 2.0 and it works beautifully. atmos is always there to talk if i have questions on the product and answers quickly. if you have tried the gpen and hated the fact that after a few uses the white sting burns out and you have to always replace it, then switch to the BULLET theirs no extra parts or things to replace (other then the caps i tend to loose) the bullet works on all concentrates including herb.all my friends keep asking about this product and i always refer them :)

5 product stars
Atmos bullet - Rick - 3/3/2013
Just picked it up did not like it at first but once u get used to how it works ITS GREAT !!!

3 product stars
Alright - Pete - 1/15/2014
Works with my g pen but it burns the bud sometimes and you gotta stir the bud inside after every 2 or at most 3 hits. Also can only hold like .2. But for the money I'd say it's worth it

1 product stars
Good to know - Vicky - 7/18/2013
I have used these and wanted to get the replacement cartridges, I was filling my order and checked the reviews just to see what other's experiences buying from an actual dealer- thank you Jason Bernier !Back over to E-bay as I'd received DOA's before and with no questions asked, got fully refunded.Tsk tsk- expected more from an authorized dealer but all I found were very high prices and bad customer service.Lesson learned!Off to E-bay where I KNOW satisfaction is guaranteed.

1 product stars
Another DOA - Someone U Dunno - 5/16/2013
NEVER even got hot again after first pull. Simple OHM meter will show whether yours is shorted or opened. Would never try this again or recommend to a friend

1 product stars
Horrible - Jason Bernier - 2/26/2013
I bought a pack of these. When I opened it up and put it on my ego 510 battery, it completely failed to work. Even though I recieved these cartridges DOA (Dead On Arrival) Atmos refused to give me a refund on my order. Horrible product and horrible customer service. Buyers beware, do not buy.

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